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Guiding Music Careers In the right direction

The information we provide to our clients is design to help independent music business professionals (artists, songwriters, producers, independent record labels and publishing companies) answer questions they have about the business in an affordable and efficient manner. The goal is to first ensure that you have the information you need and then ensure that you have the capabilities to implement what you know to your career goals.

Keys to Service Delivery

Combining our comprehensive capabilities, extensive resources, and unparalleled industry experience, we collaborate with clients to help them advance the most cost-effective and efficient movie, television, music, digital, and commercial projects. We have an experienced team drawing on unparalleled expertise in maximizing U.S. and foreign partnerships.

We have built relationships to keep informed of events taking place worldwide which allow us to have access to major contacts in the entertainment industry. Through our concierge services approach our relationships make it possible for our elite clientele to attend award shows, movie and television premieres, red carpet events, celebrity parties, sporting events, fashion shows and more to network with the famous and influential. We have built a database of partners and friends that can acquire tickets or access to guest list for ultra-exclusive A-List parties events and experiences. We also have additional VIP offerings available exclusively through an a partnership with an elite concierge services throughout the United States as well as London, England, Paris, France, Malian, Italy, Sidney, Australia, and more covering over 70 countries.

How We Use Celebrity Partnerships

We build dynamic entertainment-led campaigns for brands with top-notch partners, shepherding big ideas from the first creative spark to full-fledged production, then activating across multiple channels including broadcast, events, and digital. Clients of Showbiz Icons benefit from our team’s comprehensive strategies to enhance their public profiles via strategically targeted endorsements, public appearances, charitable endeavors, media exposure and features.

Through our partnerships we can provide high quality internet marketing and digital distribution services for the independent recording community. Our services can be accessed à la carte and integrated into your existing marketing plan, or we can create a custom plan for your entire project with a cohesive online marketing and digital distribution plan. Through publicity/promotion we can help you learn how to publicize yourself and understand what it takes to stand apart from the crowd. Showbiz Icons shows you how to discover the options that exist in the advertising world for musicians, from consumer print advertising, Web banner ads, co-op advertising, keyword buys with the major Internet search engines and more.