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Brand Integration allows a brand to reach


Brand Integration allows a brand to reach out to the consumers by integrating the brand within the entertainment media content which is consumed by the users as entertainment. The brand is interwoven within the script, showcasing products, functions and unique features.

Brand integration isn’t a typical brand advertisement. It includes entertaining and engaging storytelling which integrates the brand in such a way that it doesn’t look and feel like a brand promotion.

Why Brand Integration is beneficial in Marketing? Brand Integration can be used to fulfill both long term and short term objectives of a business. While on one hand, product placement increases the sale of the product, brand integration helps in increasing the brand equity.

Usual promotional mediums are so saturated and predictable that brands have had to shift to a different and integrated content medium to promote themselves and their product. When we talk about usual ad mediums, consumers can now tune out ads from rest of the content and ads get less attention, retention and benefit as compared to the price brands pay for it. Unlike advertisements, which push the consumer to watch the content, brand integrations are content of their interest. This marketing strategy pulls the consumer to watch the content and get a positive image of the brand in their mind at the same time.